The Family was the ruling body. Their word was law. No one questioned Them and no one opposed Them. The Family implemented the slave trade long ago during the Task, the integration of humans and the paranormal world. All thought it an excellent way to keep their only food source, humans, under control and prevent them from destroying themselves. Now some members of The Family were not so sure but convincing the rest of The Family was harder than one thought because…

They Are The Family, They Are The Belenkovs.

  1. Shielded
  2. Inviolable
  3. Protected
  4. Defended
  5. Watched
  6. Sheltered
  7. Secured
  8. Cherished
  9. Fostered
  10. Tended
  11. Impervious
  12. Guarded
  13. Safeguard
  14. Vindicated
  15. Intact